How to schedule an appointment:

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If you are still having trouble, contact the office at 817-257-7100. Please be prepared to give some basic information about the purpose of your appointment. Please review the following list of questions that you may be asked by our staff in order to appropriately direct your call:

  • Are you setting up an appointment regarding to an alcohol violation? If yes, is this your first violation?
  • Are you setting up an appointment regarding a drug violation?
  • What was the approximate date of your violation?
  • Have you met with a counselor in the office before?
  • Have you received a non-violation referral to our office? If so from Whom?
  • Are you contacting us regarding recovery maintenance?

The TCU Alcohol & Drug Education staff is available to consult with concerned family, friends, faculty or staff about a student in need. Our staff can provide general advice on how to approach a student in need and give information about possible referrals. Due to laws protecting the privacy of clients, the office may not disclose whether a student is a client without a signed release of information.