TCU Alcohol & Drug Education provides educational presentations for groups in the TCU community. These presentations can be provided for groups such as student organizations, residence halls, athletes, and Greek students. Presentations can also be provided for student leader training and academic classes.

To request a presentation, please contact Caroline Albritton at 817-257-7100, or come see her at the Samuelson Hall Garden Level. We prefer 2 weeks notice for any program or training. However, we will attempt to accommodate any requests.


TCU Faculty Member: Called Away on business? Attending a conference? Family obligations?

There’s no need to cancel your class. Student Affairs’ Don’t Cancel That Class program can help by coming to your class and making a presentation on a number of topics that are relevant to college students. We are also willing to make these presentations to your class if you are going to be present.

Even if you don’t need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations for your classes throughout the year.